The View from Above: Structure, Emergence, and Causation (Conference on the 11th & 12th of January 2018)

The Foundation of Reality: Fundamentality, Space and Time (conference, 1315 March 2016)

David Albert:
On the Emergence of Space and Time

Craig Callender:
Bohumian Rhapsody

Michael Esfeld:
Leibnizian Relationalism: A Minimalist Ontology of the Natural World

Richard Healey:
On the Independent Emergence of Space-time

Jenann Ismael:
Space and Fundamentality

Oliver Pooley:
Fundamentality and the Dynamical Approach to Relativity

Jonathan Schaffer:
Beyond Fundamentality

Christian Wütrich:
Grounding (Space-)Time

Hilary Term 2017

Umut Baysan
Epiphenomenal Properties

Tomasz Bigaj
How to Explain Non-local Correlations in Entangled States

Luke Fenton-Glynn
Probabilistic Actual Causation

Chiara Marletto
Constructor Theory

Chris Martin
Peter Abaelard and the Metaphysical Foundations of Logic

Alyssa Ney
Wave Function Realism in a Relativistic Setting

Christian Wuthrich
When The Actual World Is Not Even Possible

Michaelmas Term 2016

Robert Koons
The Oxford Many Worlds Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics:
A Hylomorphic Critique and Alternative

Fabrice Correia
Essence as Generalised Identity and Real Definition

Eleanor Knox
Spacetime Functionalism

Elena Castellani
Objects, Structures and Physics

Marc Sinclair
Being Inclined: Tendency, Inclination and the Metaphysics of Powers

Trinity Term 2016

Robert J. Hankinson
Stoic Materialism and the Metaphysics of Powers

Naoya Iwata
Aristotle on Geometry and Disposition

Raphaël Künstler
Why is Knowledge Power?

Anna Schriefl
Aristotle's Concept of Matter

Nahuel Sznajderhaus
Realism and Quantum Mechanics: Methodological Lesson from Intertheory Relationships

The Metaphysics of the Trinity: New Directions (conference, 1416 March 2016)

Nikk Effingham:
Proceeding and Filioque

John Heil:
Being of One Substance

Shieva Kleinschmidt:
Simple Trinitarianism

Robert Koons:
Divine Persons as Relational Qua-Objects

Brian Leftow:
The Trinity is Unconstitutional

Mark Makin:
God from God: The Essential Dependence Model of Eternal Generation

Daniel Molto:
The Mereology of Latin Trinitarianism

Richard Swinburne:
Defending the Social Theory of the Trinity

Hilary Term 2016

Michael Esfeld
Against properties: why relations are sufficient

Matthew Meyer
Nietzsche's Ontic Structural Realism?

Stephen Mumford
New meditations on first philosophy, in which causation's nature and existence is demonstrated

Rowland Stout
Actions and Achievements

Michaelmas Term 2016

Mario De Caro
Liberal naturalism and pluralistic realism

Jonathan Hill
Varieties of Identity: Metaphysics, Entanglement, and Christian Theology

Peter Simons
Metaphysics in the Community: Reaching Out to the Parts of Being

Trinity Term 2015

Robert Koons
Quantum Hylomorphism vs. Microphysicalism: Aristotelian Pluralism as an Interpretation of Quantum Theory and Mesoscopic Emergence

David Papineau
The Metaphysics of Sensory Experience

Walter Schultz and Lisanne Winslow
Causation, Dispositions, and Divine Action

Paul Symington
Powerful Logic: Aquinas's Unified Theory of Prime Matter as Principle of Individuation & Pure Potency

Hilary Term 2015

Rani Lill Anjum
Causation in Medicine

Michal Glowala
What is it for a power to be triggered and exercised?

John Heil
Ordinary Objects

Andreas Hüttemann
Dispositions and conditional metaphysical necessity

Michaelmas Term 2015

Stephen Barker
Heraclitean Time: Beyond Presentism and Growing Blocks

Anjan Chakravartty
Fundamental Particles and (Potentially Powerful) Structures: A Proposal for Realist Pragmatism

Paul Scade
Thought and Reality in Stoic Ontology

Tuomas E. Tahko
The Modal Status of Laws: In Defence of a Hybrid View

Barbara Vetter
A Plenitude of Powers

Selections from the Power Structuralism Podcasts collection:

Alexander Bird:
Limitations of Power

John Dupré:
Processes and Powers

Stephen French: 
Doing Away With Dispositions 

John Heil: 
Cartesian Transubstantiation

Max Kistler: 
Objective and Subjective Powers and Dispositions

Timothy O'Connor: 
Two Concepts of Emergence

John Pemberton:
Manifestations of Powers: Timing and Continuity

Peter Simons:
Causes, Powers and Structures in a Factored Process Ontology: Solutions and Lacunae

Mark Sinclair: 
Inclination and the Modality of Dispositions

Galen Strawson: 
Structure and Quality

Neil Williams: 
Powers: Necessity and Neighbourhoods

Alastair Wilson: 
Quidditism and Modal Methodology