Shieva Kleinschmidt

Simple Trinitarianism

Many Some trinitarians, such as Thomas Aquinas, wish to claim that God is mereologically simple; that is, God has no parts distinct from Himself. In this paper, I present Simple Trinitarianism, a view that takes God to be simple and incorporates resources used in metaphysical debates about Ontology to produce Trinitarian-friendly results for claims about the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Unlike with Aquinas' view, Simple Trinitarianism does not attempt to find a place for the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in our ontology. Thus, Simple Trinitarians avoid multiplying gods, conflating Persons, and identifying the Persons with minor entities such as modes. The Simple Trinitarian then uses semantics to explain how our ordinary sentences about the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are true.

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