Project composition


The Metaphysics of Entanglement project is carried out by a team of researchers, which include Dr A. Marmodoro (Director, Philosophy Oxford), Professor A. Steane (Co-investigator, Physics Oxford), Professor B. Leftow (Co-investigator, Philosophy Oxford), Professor C. Hughes  (Co-investigator, Philosophy KCL), Dr G. Darby (Post-doctoral fellow in philosophy of physics), Dr D. Kodaj (Post-doctoral fellow in metaphysics), Dr M Pickup (Post-doctoral fellow in philosophy of religion) and, from 2016, Dr D. Glick (Post-doctoral fellow in metaphysics).

Additionally, there is an international advisory board; and we expect to welcome visiting professors to the project.

The project team works in close collaboration with the Power Structuralism in Ancient Ontologies project, which is also directed by Dr A. Marmodoro. The two projects are parts of a broad research program on the metaphysics of powers and jointly cover a number of research areas and lines of inquiry.


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