The Metaphysics of Entanglement

In Nature and in the Divine

directed by Dr. Anna Marmodoro

UPCOMING EVENTS: Gabor Buzasi: Emperor Julian's theology of the Sun, 14 June, 5.00pm, Corpus Christi College •• Peter Lewis: Can retrocausality explain entanglement? 15 June, 11.30am, Corpus Christi College ••

This is a multidisciplinary research Project investigating the viability of power ontology as a metaphysics that can provide a fresh approach to our philosophical understanding of the phenomena of entanglement and superposition. To achieve this overall goal, the Project team will

(a) investigate the metaphysical assumptions currently in play in our thinking of these phenomena;

(b) examine the explanatory constraints that a sound philosophical account of these phenomena has to meet;

(c) comparatively study Dr Marmodoro’s Power Structuralism and alternative current power ontologies to examine their respective prospects for providing a metaphysical account of the phenomena;

(d) explore the possibility of bringing the research results of the above investigation to bear on our understanding of questions regarding the metaphysics of the incarnation and of the Trinity in philosophy of religion.