The Metaphysics of the Trinity: New Directions

14th - 16th March 2016

Rainolds Room, Corpus Christi College, Oxford


Podcasts from this conference are available here.

Keynote Speakers and titles:


Nikk Effingham (University of Birmingham):

                            Proceeding and Filioque

John Heil (Washington University in St Louis and Monash University):

                            Being of One Substance

Shieva Kleinschmidt (University of Southern California):

                            Simple Trinitarianism

Rob Koons (University of Texas at Austin):

                            Divine Persons as Relational Qua-Objects

Brian Leftow (University of Oxford):

                            The Trinity is Unconstitutional

Richard Swinburne (University of Oxford):

                            Defending the Social Theory of the Trinity


From our open call for papers from graduate students and early career researchers (archived here) we have selected the following two additional papers:

Mark Makin (Biola University):

                            God from God: The Essential Dependence Model of Eternal


                            (Winner of the Metaphysics of Entanglement Essay Prize)

Daniel Molto (York University):

                            The Mereology of Latin Trinitarianism

The conference programme and a list of abstracts is available here. A special issue of the journal Religious Studies will be dedicated to the conference, and edited through the research group.

The conference is financially supported by the Metaphysics of Entanglement Project, The Aristotelian Society, The Analysis Trust, The Mind Association, the New College Ludwig Humanities Fund and the Templeton World Charity Foundation.