Visiting Speakers for Trinity Term 2015 

All talks take place at Corpus Christi College, Fraenkel Room, from 5:00pm to 6:30pm. For more details and previous and next terms's speakers, click here.

05/05/2015: Paul Symington (Franciscan University)

Powerful Logic: Aquinas's Unified Theory of Prime Matter as Principle of Individuation & Pure Potency

19/05/2015: Robert Koons (University of Texas)

Quantum Hylomorphism vs. Microphysicalism: Aristotelian Pluralism as an Interpretation of Quantum Theory and Mesoscopic Emergence Paper available here

26/05/2015: Patricio Fernandez (Radcliffe Institute) and Jorge Mittelmann (Universidad de los Andes)

 Aristotle on Crafts and Souls as Principles of Change

02/06/2015: David Papineau (KCL)

 The Metaphysics of Sensory Experience

09/06/2015: Walter Schultz and Lisanne Winslow (University of Northwestern)

Causation, Dispositions and Divine Action

16/06/2015: Yoav Meyrav (Tel Aviv University)

Themistius About Spontaneous Generation in Context