Reading group


In 2016/17, the reading group of the Metaphysics of Entanglement project focussed on Metaphysics in Contemporary Physics (ed. Thomasz Bigaj and Christian Wüthrich, Brill 2016), which reflects recent work on the intersection of metaphysics and the philosophy of physics. Click here to access the book electronically through the Bodleian.

Schedule for Hilary Term:

25 Jan. Dorato/Esfeld: The Metaphysics of Laws: Dispositionalism vs. Primitivism (presented by George Darby)

8 Feb. Jessica Wilson: Metaphysical Emergence: Weak and Strong (presented by Martin Pickup)

22 Feb. Lombardi/Dieks: Particles in a Quantum Ontology of Properties (presented by the Daniel Kodaj)

8 March. Adam Caulton: Is Mereology Empirical? Composition for Fermions (presented by the author)

Schedule for Michaelmas Term:

2 Nov. Andreas Hüttemann: Physicalism and the Part-Whole Relation (presented by Robert Koons)

16 Nov. French/McKenzie: Rethinking Outside the Toolbox: Reflecting Again on the Relationship between Philosophy of Science and Metaphysics (presented by David Glick)

30 Nov. Tomasz Bigaj: Essentialism and Modern Physics (presented by Christopher Austin)

In 2014/15, the Metaphysics of Entanglement group read and discussed Causation and Its Basis in Fundamental Physics by Douglas Kutach. Details of the reading group can be found here.

In 2015/16, we read and discussed Potentiality by Barbara Vetter. Click here for a schedule and handouts.