Invited Speakers for Hilary Term 2015 

All talks take place at Corpus Christi College, Fraenkel Room, from 4:30pm to 6:30pm.  Drinks are served afterwards, to which all are warmly invited.  Please note that the talk on 12 November will take place in the Rainolds Room. 

21/01/2015: Andreas Hüttemann (Universität zu Köln) Dispositions and Conditional Metaphysical Necessity

04/02/2015: Ursula Coope (Oxford University) 

18/02/2015: cancelled

04/03/2015: Rani Lill Anjum (Norwegian University of Life Sciences) 

Causation in medicine

Visiting Speakers for Hilary Term 2015 

All talks take place at Corpus Christi College, Fraenkel Room, from 2:30pm to 4:00pm. For more details and previous and next terms's speakers, click here.

27/01/2015: Michal Glowala (Wroclaw University)

Aristotle on the Identity of poiesis and pathesis. What are (Purely) Active and Passive Powers?

10/02/2015: John Heil (Washington University in St. Louis)

 Ordinary Objects

17/02/2015: Salim Hireche (University of Geneva)

The Metaphysics of Modality : Some Bases for a Homogeneous Essentialist View

24/02/2015: Toby Friend (University College London)


Reading Group in Hilary Term 2015 

The joint reading group of the Power Structuralism project and The Metaphysics of Entanglement project will focus on Causation and its Basis in Fundamental Physics by Douglas Kutach (OUP, 2013). Kutach offers a three-tiered account of causation, consisting of a probability-based account of token causation at the fundamental level, a counterfactual account of type causation at the macrolevel, and a reduction of ordinary causal talk to these two. The chapters covered this term deal with effective strategies, causal asymmetry, backtracking, and the metaphysics and psychology of ordinary causal claims.

Click here for the OUP catalogue entry of the book and here for a review by John T Roberts in Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews. The book is available on Oxford Scholarship online. (For those based in Oxford, the link is here.)

Time: Wednesdays (even weeks), 4.30pm–6.30pm, Corpus Christi College, Fraenkel Room


28 Jan: Chapter 5, "The empirical content of promotion" (handout)

11 Feb: Chapter 6, "Backtracking influence" (handout)

25 Feb: Chapter 7, "Causal asymmetry" (handout)

11 March: Chapters 8 & 9, "Culpable causation" and "The psychology of culpable causation"(handout)