Graduate Study

Dr Marmodoro and the Team's members welcome enquiries from prospective graduate students interested in being supervised on topics relevant to the Project, or in being involved in the Project's research activities. Alternatively, candidates can contact

Prospective graduate students who are interested in studying at Oxford alongside the Project must apply via the normal route: applications and all supporting material must arrive at the Graduate Admissions Office by the closing date, for admission in the following October. Applications for entry in October 2015 will open in September 2014. Applicants are not interviewed and late applications will not be considered.

Candidates must first be accepted by the Philosophy Faculty’s Graduate Studies Committee, and then by a college. Candidates can express a preference for one college on their application form, and an alternative, in case the original choice is for some reason unavailable.

Each year, around 40 graduate students in philosophy are admitted to Oxford. About half are admitted for the Bachelor of Philosophy course (the BPhil; note that, despite its name, the BPhil is a Masters level, postgraduate degree – equivalent to a two-year MPhil) and around 6 to 10 students are admitted for each of the Faculty’s specialised Master of Studies courses, in Ancient Philosophy and Philosophy of Physics.

The usual progression through the Oxford philosophy graduate programme is to take the BPhil or one of the specialist MSts and then to continue research for the Doctor of Philosophy (the DPhil, the Faculty’s doctoral course). Students who progress from the specialist MSts must spend one year as a Probationary Research Student (PRS) before applying for full DPhil status. Typically, a candidate’s thesis for the BPhil or the Ancient Philosophy MSt will provide a basis for his or her DPhil thesis. There is no thesis element to the Philosophy of Physics MSt, but candidates who progress to the DPhil from that course are required to write a 20,000 word thesis during their year as a PRS.

A few students are admitted each year directly as Probationary Research Students. These students will typically have already completed substantial graduate work in philosophy, at least equivalent to that required for the BPhil.

Further information about graduate courses in Philosophy can be found here, and further details about the application process can be found here.