The Philosophy Faculty welcome enquiries from researchers interested in participating in the Project's research activities and spending some time in Oxford. Details on regular seminars and conferences can be found here and here. Further information on different types of visiting status at Oxford can be found by following the links below.

If you are a postholder in another University, you are eligible to apply for academic visitor status.

If you are a PhD student in another University, you are eligible to apply for Recognised Student status.

Researchers who are interested in joining the Project's research activities over a period of time, might also seek affiliation e with the Centre for the Study of Greek and Roman Antiquity based in Corpus Christi College.

Academic visitors

The status of Academic Visitor in the Philosophy Faculty at Oxford is normally restricted to postholders at other universities. This can include holders of distinguished Postdoctoral Fellowships (on a par with British Academy, Royal Society, or Wellcome Trust fellowships) at other universities but does not normally include those who hold a temporary university position, or a university position while completing a doctorate. The status – which does not involve the payment of fees to or from the University – is intended to allow visitors to undertake private research, normally while on sabbatical leave from their home institution, for a period of up to one year.

Academic visitors receive many privileges within the University, including attendance at lectures and seminars, a University Card, access to Library and computing facilities, and an Oxford email address. However, they are not entitled to accommodation, an office, or to secretarial facilities.

For further information about academic visitor status at Oxford, please contact

Prospective academic visitors from overseas should note the UK Home Office rules on academic visitor visas and ensure that they have obtained the appropriate right to enter the UK before travelling. The Philosophy Faculty cannot assist (financially or administratively) with visa applications on behalf of academic visitors.

Recognised Student Status

Any student from another University wishing to hold some formal status in Oxford must apply for either Recognised or Visiting student status.  

The status of Recognised Student can be held for a maximum of three terms, and Recognised Students are accepted by the Faculty, rather than by a College. Recognised Students are allocated an Academic Advisor from amongst the Faculty’s academic staff and are able to register with the Bodleian Library, the Philosophy Library and Oxford University Computing Services. They are welcome to attend lectures and seminars and to make use of graduate and common room facilities at 10 Merton Street. They do not normally become members of a college and are not offered accommodation in Oxford. The fees payable by Recognised Students are around £2,000 per term. Further information and an application form for Recognised Student status can be obtained from Catriona Hopton ( Applications are considered throughout the year.

Visiting Students are accepted by colleges and are mainly undergraduates, although it is possible to be a graduate visiting student. Any teaching required is organised by the college concerned.  Visiting students must pay a fee to both the college and the University. Accommodation and other facilities may be offered by the college, and the student has access to computing services and some libraries at Oxford.  Further information about Visiting Student status can be obtained from the Colleges Admissions Office (

Other types of visiting status

Prospective visitors who want some formal status in Oxford are encouraged to apply for the categories above. Alternatively, any graduate of another university is eligible to apply (for a small sum) for an ‘OULS Gold Readers' Card’ which will grant access to the Bodleian Library and to the University’s research libraries (Taylor, Sackler and SSL). Holders of such cards will be eligible to attend – with the permission of the lecturer or class-giver – lectures or seminars in Philosophy. However, such visitors – who hold no formal status at Oxford – are not entitled to a full University Card, to use of the Philosophy Library or other facilities (including IT) at 10 Merton Street, to supervision, or to the use of office or desk space.

British Academy

The British Academy offers funding opportunities for UK scholars and partners overseas to engage in international collaborative research in the humanities and social sciences. The Academy also offers support for UK scholars seeking to undertake a period of research abroad and for early career scholars from other countries seeking to undertake research in the UK. For further information please see